Anambra Is In Ruins! The Scam Called Obiano CCTV Camera

By Odumodu Gbulagu


Governor Willie Obiano is using fax machine to scam Ndi Anambra in this digital era.

When I saw the CCTV Camera procured by Willie and to be mounted in Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi, I couldn’t help but laugh at the gullibility of the people who still believe the man and his scam.

Let me just give a rundown of some of his security scams:

• Immediately he came in as the Governor, he boasted to have purchased a state of the art drone that had the capacity of catching criminals unmanned.

Few weeks after he made the pronouncement, DSS apprehended some criminals, and Willie ran to the media and told Ndi Anambra it was his drone that captured the criminals.

Till date, no one has seen or heard about the drone.

• Governor Obiano in his usual showmanship bought about 90 horses for the police at outrageous prices. He said he wants to fight crime “Texas Cowboys style”.

The horses didn’t last one month and all died off.

It was another wasted ego Ndi Anambra!

• What about the helicopters he bragged he had been using for aerial surveillance?

Maybe he has built a helipad for it at Anambra airport.

No chopper is seen anywhere in the state.

• What about the refurbished Toyota cars he bought for the police?

He boasted that those refurbished cars were equipped with alcohol detectors and that it has the ability to detect drunk drivers.

Those vehicles are only seen parked at filling stations and along the roads without any impact.

• What about the traffic control booths he purchased at the rate of 5 million naira each?

They were only used to decorate the roads, till drivers used it all as wedge on the road because it wasn’t suitable for traffic control.

• These CCTV camera are just another way of fleecing Ndi Anambra!

Give it a month after they are mounted, you won’t ever hear anything about them again.

Besides, how can a sane man mount CCTV in towns with dilapidated roads, when Ndi Anambra are yearning for good roads?

Can a man who couldn’t maintain roads, maintain CCTV Camera?

Someone should advise the Governor to get a laptop in this digital era, as fax machines are obsolete.

He can only fool some people sometimes, and not all the people all the time.

Anambra is an abode of wise men, and we see through his scams!

Anambra is in ruins!

Source : Elombah

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