Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Something Worse Than Corona Virus Is Ravaging Igbo Land.

As the Global Community is shutting down as a measure to stop the killer Coronavirus.... We must shut down Igbo Land as a measure to stop the Killer herdsmen. Join the campaign & become a volunteer

To Hell With One Nigeria – Justice For Kasa & Other Children.

This video is dedicated to Chidera Eze - Kasa and Thousands of Nigeria children cut down in their prime by the failed British experiment called Nigeria. If we fail to taken down the failed government...

Viral Video: Owerri Slay Queen Ran Mad Shortly After Yahoo Boy’s Dropped Her Off.

An unidentified young lady has just gone mad shortly after she was dropped by unknown young men. The report we got from eye witness revealed that, Internet Fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Boy's used her...

3/8/2020: Radio Campaign Against Open Grazing


IPOB Clampdown: You Can’t Intimidate Igbo Nation Into Submission.

The call to clampdown on IPOB during this general election do not go down well with Igbo nation. It is a delibrate attempt to intimidate, harass, or even kill South Easterners who have demonstrated in...

Brave 7 Year Old Warri Kid Challenge School Authority Over School Fees.

Warri no dey carry last... What is loaded inside this child, wicked Nigeria school system cannot stop her. She has ignited a national probe about the failure of Nigeria government and the state of education in...

CCF Homeland Discovery – Igbo’s Cannot Be Threatened Anymore

This is the last time my people will be intimidated or threatened as though we don't have a homeland. Watch this and grab the opportunity. Talking about think home philosophy, it starts by having a...

Breaking!!! Adams Oshiomhola Caught Red Handed (APC Killer Squad)

How the almighty has fallen... Adams Oshiomhole land APC in hot soup. Call it set up or anything you may wish, this APC Next level will be really tough on Southern Nigerians, beggining with those who...

Breaking Video!!! Atiku: Full Response Opens Can Of Worms – Nobody Is A Nigerian

APC in their desperation to consolidate the fruad they called election have opened a can of wormsthat will finally destroy Nigeria. Now watch this and see how Buhari has fast fowarded the Nigeria dooms day. Thank...