The problem with Nigeria lies in her skewed political  structures

Good morning BVI Fans,
The problem with Nigeria lies in her skewed political  structures.
From 1914 to 1960,the Colonial Masters have at different times tried to give the indigenous people living in Nigeria a Republican System of Government that would have appreciated their differences .Many constitutional conferences were held under the supervision of the Colonial Masters to fashion out people driven political system .
The point has been noted that it was Igbo Leaders like Zik and Ironsi that wanted a United and indivisible Nigeria ,thinking then that Ndigbo would continue to lead Nigeria.
Today,the table has turned against the masses of  Ndigbo.Few Northern Political Class have hijacked political power and enjoying a command and control unitary system of Government .They are merely enforcing what Zik and Ironsi created !
It is the duty of this media platform to expose the facts of history and set a new agenda for total liberation of indigenous people held hostage in Nigeria.Political education and mass mobilization will open the eyes of the people to stand up for positive change .
Unfortunately ,our elected or selected present political class are not interested in the quest to set our dear people free from political and economic bondage .These people in Government are enjoying the fraudulent system in Nigeria and using stolen funds to buy votes and hire thugs during  elections .
This must stop ! People must rise up to fight for their future.The people must be prepared to elect credible people into positions of political authorities .
We must organise our Region putting our first eleven at the front seat before anything else.
BVI Admin


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